DEERFIELD – On October 18th, The Chicago Sun-times announced its endorsement of State Senator Julie Morrison for the 29th District State Senate race. This is the third major newspaper endorsement earned by Morrison during the election.

“Independent-minded and hardworking Julie A. Morrison has the ability to see issues from the perspectives of both parties….Here’s just one reason we endorse Morrison: To help end the state’s budget impasse, she called Gov. Bruce Rauner last year and sat down with him in his office to discuss solutions. She also introduced a short-lived bill that would have required the governor and legislative leaders, whenever the Legislature adjourned without a budget, to meet for one hour a week until they signed off on a spending and revenue plan. She opposes Rauner’s attempts to significantly reduce funding for state universities, saying “it’s the last place we can cut” because universities are a recruiting tool for the best and brightest talent. She also ran a bill that to allow the consolidation of some local governments and voted for a two-year property tax freeze…”

“I’m really pleased to have earned the endorsement of the Chicago Sun-times,” said Morrison. “I had a great experience speaking with their editorial board. We spoke about many important issues our state is facing, I know I was able to show specifics on how we can solve problems. I’m honored to earn their endorsement. I will continue to work with colleagues across the aisle to find bi-partisan solutions. I know that is the mindset that we need in Springfield.”

Julie Morrison is running for State Senate in the 29th Legislative District. Morrison is a leader in the field of child welfare, gun violence prevention, and a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility and ethical government.