DEERFIELD – Senator Julie Morrison expressed her disappointment in today’s Cook County Circuit Court ruling that the Independent Maps initiative did not meet the constitutional requirements for a referendum question in November. This grass roots effort was signed by over 500,000 Illinois Residents.

“There needs to be a change,” said Senator Julie Morrison. “The status quo, having elected officials draw their own districts is not good government, and it’s certainly not transparent. I’m disappointed in the decision, I hope Independent Maps will immediately appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court.”

During her first term in the Illinois Senate, Julie Morrison was the sponsor of multiple good government and ethics reform pieces of legislation.

Morrison advocated for executive appointment reform after former Gov. Pat Quinn appointed a political operative to a $160,000-per-year state job at the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority a month after he lost his election. She also was the Chief Sponsor of legislation signed by the Governor that requires Political Action Committees to report large independent expenditures during the last 60 days of an election.

Julie Morrison is running for State Senate in the 29th Legislative District. Morrison is a leader in field of child welfare and a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility and ethical government.